Malt Whisky

We wouldn’t pretend to be amongst those specialist Malt Whisky bars dotted around Scotland, presenting up to 500 malts each, but we feel our selection of 225 or thereabouts will give you scope to either investigate or indulge yourself with some well kent aromas.

Be assured as and when a Shetland Malt becomes available and of drinking age, we shall proudly offer it, but in the meantime we offer a selection of of 6 from our closest distilleries in Orkney.  Although, the greatest area from our collection still remains Islay, from which we have a selection of 26 varities.   Our selection ranges greatly in price, percentage and and maturity, from a 40%, 10 year old Bunnahabhain at £3.20 per 'dram' to a Cask Strength 62%, 25 year old Millburn priced at £41.50 per 'dram' all the way up to a 54%, 21 year old Rosebank at £50.00 per 'dram' .  The Millburn and the Rosebank form part of our 'Closed' distillieries collection, 16 in total, hence the higher pricing, due to the limited availability of both. 

View our entire collection here.