Not quite as extensive as our Whisky collection, but we do feel that our modest collection of gins, 50 plus is more than adequate.

If you're looking for a local gin then we have 9 Shetland Reel Gins currently in stock and awaiting arrival of our 10th, including the increasingly hard to come across 'Holly Days'. 
Within this range alone we are confident that there will be a gin you'll fall in love with, no matter your preference; 

Original - The nose has a hint of juniper with a subtle mix of spices and citrus. The initial palate has juniper, mixed spice, sweetness with a citrus tang and a refreshing hint of mint at the end. The finish is clean and fresh.
Ocean Sent - The nose has traditional juniper with subtle hints of salt and spice. The palate holds traditional London dry juniper but with a complex twist of saltiness and warmth. The finish is long and brings you right to the crashing ocean! 
Simmer - The nose opens with strong juniper followed by sweet orange. On the palate the juniper is reduced and it becomes sweet, very sweet orange and liquorice with a lingering finish.
Filska - Filska is a citrus forward gin with bursts of grapefruit and a warming cinnamon finish.
Ann Cleeves, Wild Fire - Tasted neat, there are notes of warming cinnamon and sweet orange that linger on the palate. The long finish has an aromatic spice with a touch of heat from dried red chillies.
Bramble & Rhubarb Liqueur - This liqueur has a sweet fruit aroma, matching its vibrant colour, and delicate juniper notes. There is a burst of fresh Scottish brambles, sweet rhubarb and a subtle freshness from the apple mint used in the Original gin base. Notes of rhubarb and custard sweets linger on the finish.
Up Helly Aa 2019 - Delicate sweetness and wood notes followed by a bold juniper and gentle warmth from the whisky casks. Notes of light oak and whisky flavours come through with a long dry finish. Tonic lets more citrus flavours come through and lifts the subtle whisky flavours to make a refreshing G&T.
Up Helly Aa 2020 - At a lower % than previous years, this gin shows pine, citrus, juniper and vanilla on the nose with a delicate oak richness. The palate has backbone of juniper throughout, meanwhile the sweetness of vanilla and dried apricot flavours of the sherry cask come through leading to the salty freshness of the bladderwrack. Woody oak flavours make the finish very long. 
Holly Days - Pine-y juniper and cardamom seed, with a juicy kick of orange coming along swiftly afterwards.

From the rugged & beautiful landscape of Unst to far flung eastern reaches of Japan, we're sure we can find one that suits your palate.  

If you are looking for a traditional London Dry, can thoroughly recommend the light and floral Bombay Sapphire or the dry and sophisticated Sipsmith.  
Perhaps you would like to be a bit more adventurous with your choice, how about Drumshanbo, Irish gunpowder gin, with flavours of coriander, citrus and warms spice.